Edward Said Versus V.S Naipaul

A long time ago Edward Said and his family sat down to dinner in their dining room.  It was a very pleasant dinner and everything was going splendidly until one of the servants accidentally dropped A House For Mr. Biswas in Edward Said’s tomato soup, splashing the face of the author of Orientalism.  He screamed himself into a rage, instantly fired the clumsy servant, and refused to calm down even as his kind wife sought to mollify him by wiping the soup from his dripping face, though he continued to scream at the top of his lungs and would not sit still.  Only later did she realize that his anger was not thanks to the soup, but thanks, instead, to the presence of V.S Naipaul in Edward Said’s own home.

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3 thoughts on “Edward Said Versus V.S Naipaul

  1. solidgoldcreativity says:

    Ha ha, love this story. Did you make it up, or were you a fly on the wall?

  2. hiddenconnections says:

    Whoa, sorry, I never saw your comment! Yes, I was a fly on the wall.

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