Literary Questioning


What is the difference between—

a literate society in which nobody reads?


an illiterate society in which only a few people read?

To rephrase—

Is there a difference between a dark age society in which literacy is nonexistent, and a modern society in which literacy is widespread, if in both societies only a minority of people read for pleasure?

Stories must be transmitted, life is storytelling, that is an axiom. Reading is a form of storytelling, but there are other forms (such as painting or cinema). Is cinema a better form of storytelling than literature?

If this is the case, should literature survive?

If you rolled your eyes more than three times, vomitted on your screen, and ripped out the last of strands of your hair, but proceeded to this point nonetheless, you may continue on to the rest of the blog.

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One thought on “Literary Questioning

  1. solidgoldcreativity says:

    Ha ha, you’re not stopping me that easily.

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