A Brief Note on Valkyrie

As an individual, or as a man who believes in the illusion of individuality, I think that the machinery in this movie is the most horrifying thing about it—the way so many hordes of men run here and there, obeying whoever commands them without question. That’s what keeps me awake late into the night. Men become machines, and when they lose their minds (their individualities) they become weapons of murder; the leaders of the Third Reich may have been terrifying men, but the faceless legions of soldiers and bureaucrats, the cowed populace, are to me much greater nightmares. Of course there were exceptions, and these are the film’s protagonists, but the gray uniforms, the boots and the coats and the guns and the cigarettes charging back and forth through frame after frame of the film, these are the true monsters.

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One thought on “A Brief Note on Valkyrie

  1. Arkadiy says:

    I agree. The scary thing is that is that most people still have the potential to become that. When I see people in U.S. lose their individuality and blindly follow the established status quo, I see the same aspects of the same human behavior. Whether we are blind fans of pop music, fashion victims, or just silent conformists. These are all signs of the same side of human nature that has the potential for monstrous acts given the right time and circumstances.

    Many decades have passed but not much changed to prevent this from happening again.

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