Heliad—Adventures of a Fickle Sun

…and what if the sun were more like the moon? What if it changed shape, filled with light emptying out into the dark, and what if the moon eclipsed the sun more often than not? How much more chaotic life would be if, added to the shadows of the clouds flying over the earth and flashing in our windows, we also had to contend with the mountains of the moon rushing across our splashing tides, our days turned to coronal nights. The moon at night would glow bright and then darken again, a hand mirror held to the face of the sun, and no afternoon would be safe from the fluctuations of this fingernail, this thumbnail, of fire.

(inspired by a line of Ovid’s—“moon fills four times”—and Charles Boer, as usual, from Book II of the Metamorphoses)


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