Free Ian: The Return

Relief at Bayon, near Angkor Wat, which marches before your eyes if you see it in person

Back, with far more than I could ever tell. So far the stories I’ve babbled to my friends and family have been generalized exclamations, such as such-and-such was nice, such-and-such throbbed with spicy women, such-and-such sucked and sucked! But here we will get into specifics. Each day was packed with a golden hoard of treasure so vast that if I hadn’t kept a ramshackle journal I would have lost all my memory, because each day outdid the last in its shameless exhibition of beauty, wonder, and adventure. I wrote the entries in an exhausted delirium every night while the rubbery geckos chirped on the walls, so tired I could barely move my hands, but not too tired to ask questions, such as “What will come of this vast epic voyage, the likes of which have never been attempted by anyone?”

Tune in to find out. Indochina begins!

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