Ratcha Anachak Thai

The Thai King, whose image is everywhere.

The heat in those lands gives birth to a powerful force of life that threatens at any moment to overwhelm, flood, and topple the cities built there by the Thais. In Korea nearly all the wildlife has been exterminated by war, progress, and the need for karaoke, but in Thailand the jungle sings in your ears in the morning and masses of green leaves soaked in dew spill through the doors and windows if you aren’t careful. The flowers open right in front of you when the sun strikes them, and their color may hurt eyes which are only accustomed to the starkness of cement, tar, and concrete. Life is piled on life. Even in the tremendous heat, even while breathing the fumes of the tuktuks and the motorbikes, you instantly feel yourself enriched with the energy of a primal and haphazard place. It’s exhausting even to stand alone on the main roads while the mad traffic rushes past you, but when you walk deeper into the city and find the spontaneous smiles of the beautiful Thais, you are rejuvenated…

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One thought on “Ratcha Anachak Thai

  1. Annie says:

    Aaaah! I would love to see a flower open right in front of me!

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