What’s the story? (Digressions in Slashes / Exercises in Futilitas)

So little written in two weeks? Why? Trying to branch out.

Now that my roots are taking root and I’m seriously considering staying another year I’ve made greater attempts to establish myself / seeing serious friends more often / making serious attempts to make new friends / exercising more and at greater length (the winding blue river Nakdong / not seven-hilled Namsanjeong) / exploring on foot with camera more of the familiar and unfamiliar / hooked on new writing project / hundred pages poured forth like leaves from Daphne’s fingertips! / continuously “pulling out all the stops” after yet another banal romantic debacle / with someone who will, we must assume, wish she’d acted otherwise one day / as I wish I’d acted otherwise with others / her included.

The returns of blogging are remarkably limited / younger blogging alienated me from my high school far more than the usual youthful idiocies and indiscretions ever could have / a nightmare about high school (I was simply there / nightmare enough!) involving certain characters certainly written about in the sublunar harem kept me home sick shivering in shock / god what did I see in her? / what was I thinking? / wasn’t! / facebook rehashes terror and shame / gah! / praise god for time and the speed of the years / for nothing is faster / so the returns of blogging are remarkably limited / a few hits on the counter, a rare comment or two / anyone impressed? think not! / while even to trade trivialities with human faces is pleasant / and the more we fish, the more we catch / for many months I was holed up like an Iowan survivalist / waiting out the siege, dining on horseflesh / and only a change in the situation at work involving more time far more pleasant human beings than the single creature I was constantly stuck with constantly changed the situation in me, when I began realizing that things weren’t so bad, and that the rancid venom I was spitting from my snarling viper fangs had lost its spritz! / drowned in the laughter of the many young friends I’ve made

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