Why are monkeys with severe brain damage writing about mosques in New York?

Plans are under way for a Muslim house of worship, topped by a 13-story cultural center with a swimming pool, in a building damaged by the fuselage of a jet flown by extremists into the World Trade Center.


“If the Japanese decided to open a cultural center across from Pearl Harbor, that would be insensitive,” Sipos told me. “If the Germans opened a Bach choral society across from Auschwitz, even after all these years, that would be an insensitive setting. I have absolutely nothing against Islam. I just think: Why there?”

Mosque Madness!

To begin, I think this comes back to the first amendment, guaranteeing, as you may recall, freedom of religion to all Americans. To say that it is wrong to build a mosque anywhere in America but okay to build a church or a synagogue or a sacrificial altar to Moloch is a statement fit for monkeys with severe brain damage, but not rational human beings. I for one wish the mosque’s grand design included a giant rotating middle finger made of pure gold which could, in the event of blabbering idiots, detect the rank stench of McDonald’s food wafting off of their obese flesh and then point itself in the appropriate direction.

Second, equating an act of terrorism with the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor or the Holocaust is demeaning and insulting to all of the people who died in those conflicts—even the bad guys—as well as the people who died on 9/11. It oversimplifies. It assumes that the three events are inter-related and, in fact, one and the same, when the former events obviously took place under completely different circumstances, carried completely different consequences, and were perpetrated by nation-states rather than a small band of Saudi Arabians. And that’s just for starters. Everything with these idiots is just for starters. You could fill libraries trying to figure out just why they are so stupid. Third, the 9/11 terrorists only represent themselves, and do not accurately represent Islam any more than Timothy McVeigh represents Christianity. A mosque has as much to do with them as a church does with Timothy McVeigh.

Regardless of those points, I think it would be a good idea to open a Shinto shrine next to Pearl Harbor, or a “Bach choral society” next to Auschwitz, and also a giant mosque next to Ground Zero, because it’s obvious that certain drooling monkeys are not experiencing enough culture and are too busy gorging themselves on hamburgers and Rush Limbaugh to realize that there is infinitely more to the world than what they see on Fox News. Those who believe that multiculturalism is the same thing as political correctness need to start talking to people who do not look like them for a change. Please stop listening to third parties and go experience the world for yourselves.

Aren’t officials at least curious why these supposedly “patriotic” Muslim activists named their planned $100 million mosque after the Great Mosque of Cordoba — a legacy of Muslim Spain representing the zenith of Islamic dominance?

Ground Zero Mosque

Aren’t the idiots who wrote this article at least curious about what ‘the zenith of Islamic dominance’ looks like? Do they remember learning algebra in high school, and did they ever ask themselves about the etymology of the word, and how it managed to enter our language? Perhaps, if they would like to do so, they could start learning more here.

Right now, our enemy is laughing at us.

Right now, people with brains are laughing at you.

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