I received an email at 8:08PM saying that my trip had been canceled because I had not replied to a request for additional information, and that the tickets could not be reinstated; I received an email for that request for information two minutes later, at 8:10PM. It appears that travelocity’s sense of time has been reversed. I also managed to glean, after attempting to unravel the difficult accent of the woman on the other end of the telephone line, that I will not be receiving my refund until some time tomorrow, which means that I cannot book a new flight with a different and perhaps more reliable company until I am refunded by travelocity. The resulting delay will probably cost me several hundred dollars and a great deal of inconvenience. I still have no idea why this actually happened. It was probably just some kind of computer error that could be easily reversed if anyone at travelocity were capable of helping me. So, although I doubt that anyone will actually read this letter, I just wanted to thank travelocity for ruining absolutely everything. If there is any justice in the world the people responsible for this will spend an eternity in hell repeatedly planning their dream vacations, only to have those plans abruptly canceled by callous, bureaucratic, profit-crazy maniacs. I will laugh with joy when, in the coming years, I find myself reading about your company’s total collapse.
Ian James

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