The Environment

So if everyone were working to save the environment and stop pollution in the same way we fight wars and try to save the economy or even make our fortunes I think the world would be a much nicer place very quickly—imagine converting the entire American army into an environmental task force, imagine declaring that our new greatest enemy is self-destruction, stopping all our hummers and tanks and airplanes to refit them with solar panels or whatever—but, logical and ridiculous as it sounds, an environmental disaster dwarfing anything we’ve seen before is the only thing that could possibly galvanize people into believing that saving the environment is more important than making money—that nothing is more profitable than a green, blue world, and that if we keep trashing the place no one is going to want to buy your cars or hamburgers when the entire sky is brown and snowing garbage.


2 thoughts on “The Environment

  1. Jennifer says:

    Not eating meat does A LOT to save the environment. Just sayin’ 😉

  2. hiddenconnections says:

    I’ve been thinking and talking about becoming a vegetarian. I’m still all talk, and it’s too difficult for me to do here in Korea, but I’m probably, almost definitely, going to give it a try once I’m living in America or another place that is generally more open to the idea.

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