Korean Orientalism

So interesting! Korea gets its information on the Middle East from American sources, but Koreans generally aren’t quite so discerning as their American counterparts—ha!—and as a result, people who technically belong to the Orient are more Orientalist than people from the West!

Edward Said, an established Arab-born scholar, criticized in his book “Orientalism” the subtle and persistent Euro-centric prejudice against the Orient, particularly against the Arabo-Islamic peoples and their cultures. The irony is that the prejudice portrayed in “Orientalism” does not only exist in the West, but we Koreans, who are a part of the greater Asiatic world, also hold a degree of prejudice and misperception with regard to the Middle East. This phenomenon may be the result of Western influence on Korean values, as Koreans may have unwittingly taken in the Western perception of the Middle East.”

More Here—Korean Orientalism, by Kadir Ayhan.

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