Interrupting Netanyahu’s Speech

I can’t deny that this is impressive, cunning, fascinating, brilliant—and while my inner idealist would have everyone sitting down and talking to one another about their disagreements, especially as it seems like everyone involved in this conflict is utterly deaf to the arguments made by the other side, and utterly blind to the fact that such divisiveness weakens scores of different people who should be allies and not enemies—while my inner idealist would have them sit down and talk to one another in the same way in which friends discuss politics, and not in one-sided speeches made by business-suited slimeballs or screaming activists who surely convinced no one at that event of anything beyond their own extremism, I recognize that sometimes people aren’t human enough to act like human beings, and that sometimes something so simple as sitting down for a chat is more difficult than setting up a huge event, on one side, and planning and executing a successful disruption of that event, on the other.

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