Paradigm Shift Sunday

I learned two incredibly important things today. One. Do not argue with women. It just makes them angrier. Instead, apologize for everything, agree with what they say, and do what they ask. If you’ve gotten your hands on a good one, she’ll come around to your point of view (if it is indeed the correct one) on her own eventually. It’s taken me about two years to figure this out. Life is just much more pleasant when you let women do whatever they want.

Two. I got this new Korean textbook, Intermediate College Korean by Clare You and Ensu Cho. It’s pretty awesome. After working my way through two lessons, and practicing a bit with A., I understood her today when she was speaking to her grandparents and used this crazy-ass verb conjugation that comes right in the middle of the sentence. She literally said:

Husband university at works because of university free so is.

When we translate the phrase with the help of a mirror, it becomes:

Because my husband works at the university, I can go for free.

That because of is a real doozy in Korean. I had been hearing it all the time for years without ever really getting it—the sound is usually something like ineeka, haneeka, or imneeka. If it comes at the end of a sentence, it means the person is asking a question; if it comes at the middle, it means the person is saying since or because of. Crazy. But I’m making progress. A. said ineeka in the middle of a sentence, and I understood her.

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