About The Portraits

I would also just like to mention that the Korean apartment I spoke of in an earlier post, the one filled with family portraits, does indeed exist, and the portraits are indeed fairly gaudy—although allow me to say that they are also cute, as the family in question is an exquisitely beautiful one. I was just there last night to teach the older daughter, a pleasant girl of about five years of age who doesn’t appear to listen to anyone, myself included. The mother, as usual, gave me a ton of extremely good food to eat (fresh strawberries in this case), which she always does, and which very few other families have ever done. Most won’t even give me a glass of water unless I ask them, and at this point I must have worked for thirty or forty families since starting tutoring about a year ago. None of these families are required to give me anything except money, but it still goes a long way when someone takes the trouble to provide even the slightest snack.

Finally, last night the husband, who must be one of the handsomest men I have ever met, offered to give me a lift back to my apartment, which was really nice of him as I usually have to wander around out in the dark in search of a taxi; although he can barely speak English, and I can barely speak Korean, we had a good talk on the way back, and I have to confess that, like the rest of his family, he is a very decent human being.

I was thinking about how I had made fun of their (typical) design scheme as I visited their apartment yesterday—and while it is indeed quite amusing, I just wanted to add that the family in question could not have possibly been nicer to me, and that I was not poking fun at them so much as the idea that a floor-to-ceiling wedding portrait is a good thing to place in one’s living room—an idea that many Koreans seem to have embraced with gusto.


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