George Orwell Sounds A Lot Like A North Korean (In Korean)

그러면 우리는 무엇을 해야 되겠읍니까? 그것은 밤낮 없이 몸과 마음을 다하여 인류의 타도에 힘쓰는 것입니다!


Guh-lu-myon oo-lee-nun moo-oh-sul hay-ya day-ges-soom-nee-ka? Guh-gos-oon bam-nat opshee mome-gwa ma-oom-ul da-ha-yaw il-yoo-ai ta-do-ai heem-suh-nun goshe-im-nee-da!

My literal translation:

So we-the what-the do should? Thing-the nightdayless body-and mind-the all-for humanity-of overthrow-at strength-using thing is!

George Orwell:

What then must we do? Why, work night and day, body and soul, for the overthrow of the human race!

I can’t find who translated the text into Korean, but this comes from a bilingual edition of Animal Farm published by YBM. I also can’t really justify the claim that he sounds like a North Korean with any direct quotes, since my Korean, sadly, is still far too poor; though the only word I had to look up was “ta-do”, overthrow, it was still somewhat difficult to make sense out of the second sentence without looking at the English original. My impression, however, is that North Koreanese has a lot of 것입니다, goshe-imneeda, though that may just be literary Korean, and a lot of rhetoric about overthrowing people. And since this comes directly from the throathole (목구멍) of Marx / Lenin / Old Major himself, I thought it an appropriate comparison to the propaganda of the North Koreans, who, despite removing the word “communism” from their constitution, and despite being the most extreme example of capitalism in the world—a small rich elite controlling a vast permanent class of powerless slaves—still seem to throw a lot of the old Manifesto-esque language around.

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