In Busan, taken by Gold Silver Jade.

In Busan, taken by Gold Silver Jade.

I was born in New York City, mostly raised around Acadia National Park, went to college at Hampshire (not New Hampshire), and now work as an English instructor at a university in Korea, though I’ve interned in a law firm that fought for the common man, picked weeds in both the richest and poorest gardens imaginable, washed dishes covered with the most amazing Italian food you could ask for, and have engaged in numerous adventures across the planet, wandering in the shadow of the volcano at the heart of Bali, shaking the hands of Kurdish nomads before photographing Hercules himself shaking the hand of Antiochus Diogenes, daring the North Koreans to bomb me at Panmunjeom, etcetera, etcetera.


I was conned out of a hundred bucks in Rome, and I watched the lizards of both Tulum and Angkor skitter along the sunbleached stones. I tipped the musicians of Georgia (the country!), pet the rabid dogs of Laos, and accidentally broke into the American naval base at Busan. I am the great-grandson of Gertrude Berg, I love Ali Farka Toure, and though I haven’t been able to eat pesto in a year, it’s my favorite food.

I write books, take pictures, bike the city of Gyeongju, and dream of making movies and sometimes even music; I married a Korean woman named Gold Silver Jade, who is descended from Shilla royalty, and together we have a toddler whose full unofficial name is Harald Hadrada Ulysses O’Kimmeus S——-.