Teakettle Mountain


“Heem!” the nurse screamed, climbing back on top of my wife’s belly and pounding it for all she was worth. “Heem!” Like a punching bag. “Heem!” As though giving CPR. “Heem!”

Ian James never thought he would come to South Korea. Fleeing the economic collapse in the West, he arrived weeks after graduating from college and discovered a country of infinite strangeness, where strippers dance on the street in front of electronics’ stores and children shove their fingers inside the rectums of terrified English teachers. In the beginning he despised the place, but before the end of his first year he was not only in love with Korea, but crazy about a woman named Gold Silver Jade, the Calypso who tore him away from his native New England and planted him so firmly into the soil of his adopted homeland that he was both unable—and unwilling—to escape.

Get the Kindle book on Amazon for $2.99, or read an excerpt here.

PS: It’s come to my attention that an old cover is being displayed for some reason when people download this book from amazon.com. If you’d like a version of the book with the new cover, and you’ve already bought the book, email me at sublunari(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll send you the newest version for free.

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